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 City 2 City 2 City 2 City 1City 2 City                 

Lonedoggers at the City 2 City Albury/Wodonga 2016. Abover Left:- Frank, Di, Paula, Nathan, Dim & Ange. Above Middle:-Kath, Cath, Glenn, Kristy, Michael, Kimlea, Andrew & Bethany. Above Right:- Mel, Brendan, Richard, Shan, Kirsty, Jess, Mon, Carl, Bronte, Bec & Robyn.

ROC Group Spartan CLimb 

Above Left:- R.O.C Melbourne event February 2016 with Lonedoggers Shannyn, Andrew, Di, kel, Chelsea, Mel, Shannon, Brendan, ben, Sam, Karlen, janelle, Bethany, Chris, Lisa, Cheryl, Briony, Paula, Kimlea. Above Right:- Spartan Sprint Geelong December 2015

 Spartan ski erg Spartan Group Nationals15

Above Left & Middle:- Spartan Sprint, Geelong December 2015 Tom, Marty, Cheryl, Shannon, Aaron & Chris. Right:- Australian National Kettlebell Competion August 2015. The official Australian team for 2015.

Mcfarlands 15 VicChamps15 MarkGoldie15 GoldCoast2015 TumbaMuddyRumba15 

Above Left:- Horey, Cheryl & Anthea at the McFarlands Hill Run August 2015. Mid Left:- Cheryl attaining CMS rank at the Vic Kettlebell Champ July 2015. Middle:- Horey at the finish of Gold Coast Marathon July 2015. Middle Right:- Tina, Richelles, Sharon, Jess & Lynda at the finish of the Gold Coast Half Marathon. Above Right:- Tumba Muddy Rumba Crew Feb 2015.  

BecRObynNailCan15 AngeNailcan15 HoreyCanberrra15 JenCanberra15

Above Left:- Robyn & Bec finishing Nail Can 2015. Middle Left:- Ange at the start of Nail can 2015. Middle Right:- Mark at the finish of the Canberra Marathon 2015. Far Right:- Jen at the finish of the Canberra Half Marathon 2015

SamStadiumStomp15 MelBrenStadiumStomp15 AngeStadiumStomp15  

Above Left to right: Sam, Mel, Brendan & Ange at the Stadium Stomp July 2015


MarathonDesSables Miss Muddy1 NKC

Above Left: Cheryl Finishing the last day of Marathon Des Sables in Morocco April 2015.

Above centre: November 2014, Miss Muddy. Kristin, Kim, Di, Amanda, Cheryl, Amy, Richelle, Lynda, Nat, BK, Sharon,Ro, Anthea, Jess, Sam, Alice, Karlee, Tina, Sally, Paula, Kel, Kathy, Kimlea, Kristy & Mavis.

Above Right: ANthea and Cheryl finishing the 100km Bike & Run event at the Ned Kelly Chase in October 2014 (First Place)

Alice 1   Colour Run   melbourne.2 

Above Left: Janelle and Cheryl at the Outback Marathon, Uluru. Above Centre: Julie, Kristyn, Hannah & Cheryl at the Color Run Melbourne.

Above Right: Jayne, Kristy, Hannah, Cheryl, Shannon, Kristin, Anthea, Janelle, Euan and Peta at the Melbourne Marathon.

Jade Fed Hill Melbourne mudders Wagga 4 Deadlifting

Above Left to Right: Jade at Fed Hill Run, Wodonga; Julie, Damien, Brendan, Shannon, Jayne, Cheryl, Kristin, Anthea, Euan, Liam,

Jade & Peta at Tough Mudder, Phillip Island; Cheryl & Hannah at Wagga Trail Run; Adam Barefoot warmup at Lonedog.

  TM Before TM After

Above: Before and after photos of Tough Mudder Sydney.

web pic 13 web pic 14

Above: Before and During photos of MS Fun Run, Albert Park, Melbourne.