Matt Amato Testimonial

Matt Amato 

My weight-loss campaign started in early January 2011 (after the cliché new year's resolution of getting fit), where I was at the point in my life where I could finally acknowledge that I was at an unhealthy size and my current lifestyle was not helping things, in fact making things progressively worse. I weighed 102kgs, looked terrible, felt terrible, had no self-confidence in my image and my best mates would often pay me out to the point it secretly upset me…I thought I was happy, but I knew I really wasn’t. Something that played a big part in telling me I needed to lose weight, though it may sound shallow or the wrong reason, was that girls were not interested in me…and being single, it was killing me.


I started by going to the gym around 3 times a week, while maintaining the same unsatisfactory diet I had previously lived by. I knew it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t fully committed to it, so I decided to see a personal trainer once a week and maintain a minimum of 3 gym visits a week. Straight away, Shannon put me onto a combined weights/cardio program and a diet that I had to commit to. Indirectly, I became accountable to him, which I later found to be the most powerful tool in staying focused towards achieving my goals.


I never had a weight or size I was trying to achieve. The idea of losing 10kg in 12 weeks interested me, but ideally I was just busting my butt to get the biggest and best results possible. In only 12 weeks I lost 10.6kg’s and a total of 36.4cm’s (Body fat percentage from 30.9% to 23.4%), improved my fitness, health and wellbeing and overall I look 110% better than I used to, which is a massive confidence booster!

Overall a massive win!