Ange Dunstone Testimonial

 My Lonedog Journey


I started at Lonedog in October 2012.

My weight loss journey started with a weight of 112kg. I struggled to do a squat or run 50 meters without stopping. My weight made me embarrassed, upset and ashamed. I knew my journey would not be easy as I had never been very good at exercise. I had been to a few gyms here and there but never stuck to anything.


Ange Before and After


How things have changed since then - . I have been involved in Run Club, Nutrition Program and I am currently attending Bootcamp 2-4 times a week. (I have been attending Bootcamp since I started.)


Run Club is coached by Cheryl who is an amazing runner and a fantastic coach. She was able to teach me to run not just 50 meters without stopping but also to complete the Nail Can Hill Run. I then went on to complete the Melbourne Half Marathon in October 2014. Cheryl has taught me to love running which I never thought was possible. I now continue to run on a regular basis and look forward to where this can take me.


Nutrition Club was something that I had felt had become important to me. I had started to get the exercise all sorted but needed some more assistance in Nutrition. This was a 15 week program which included weigh ins, measurements, photos and skin folds. Every week as a group we discussed different topics and handed in compliance forms - some weeks were definitely better than others. This definitely has changed how I look at food and what my body needs.


Bootcamp - This is the main section of Lonedog and what an amazing experience it is. I can not speak highly enough of all the different movements and exercises that we complete. I have been able to see improvement in myself every session and love doing the fitness test at the beginning and end of each 8 week camp. From the beginning I struggled doing a single squat and now through proper coaching and on going training have been able to do a 100 kg squat.


Shannon and Cheryl are the back bone of Lonedog and the passion and love they have for exercise and overall health is amazing. Without their constant support and encouragement, I would not be where I am today. Every session they encourage you to do your best. They will always teach proper form and help with injury prevention. I definitely know they care about every single person that walks in the door. If your willing to put in the effort you will get the reward.


The friends I have made along the way and overall my health improvement. I can not recommend Lonedog enough they have definitely changed my life and those around me. 

You always read these testimonials and people say "If i can do it so can you," but let me tell you, If anyone can do it, you can do it with the help and support from Shannon and Cheryl.