Colleen Wilson-Lord Testimonial

Colleen Wilson-Lord


Over four years ago I joined Lonedog as my GP was concerned that, due to my age (74)  and family history, I may be a Diabetes candidate, and that a more regular exercise program, including strength training, would be beneficial for me.   

Although I was fully aware of the benefits of strength training, having been in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years working, I was somewhat apprehensive due to back and hip problems.

From the very beginning Shannon worked with me, (the key to success), and, although we had to overcome numerous hurdles, such as an accident that damaged my wrists and knee, torn tendons in both right arm and right hip, and other skeletal weaknesses.

Shannon has proved to be one of the most conscientious and skilful Personal Trainers that I have come across in my 25 years in the industry.

Why do I feel this way? Shannon keeps up to date with the latest research, he knows how to modify and/or change movements and equipment to suit my fitness level on the day, and he looks at my lifestyle, and my ability, and he knows just how hard to push me to get the results that we are both wanting.   

When I started with Shannon I gave him my goal and this challenge - “Shannon you need to keep me strong, on my feet, and able to manage my life”.  His other challenges were to reduce my waist measurement down from 84cm and to increase my overall strength. To date my waist measurement is 79cm and I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8 which for my height is most acceptable.

Shannon has been able to do this by giving me some fairly challenging workouts that motivate me to want to come back twice a week and wanting to increase this to three times a week in the future.

Next to my husband and family, Shannon is the most important component in my life, as he has helped me maintain my ability to continue working and running a healthy lifestyle consultancy business.   

Thanks Shannon.


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