Sharon Campbell Testimonial


Sharon Campbell-

In December 2013 my daughter Jess said, "Mum let’s do Bootcamp."

I thought why not. I had been going to a gym for a few years although I had not been for about 7months. I walked regularly. I had started running 4months ago and could run 5kms and was pretty impressed with myself. My only stipulation with Bootcamp was that it had to be indoors. I wasn’t exercising outside in the middle of winter! So we signed up for Lonedog Bootcamp.

Everyone was very welcoming at the start of our first session - the fitness test! What had I signed up for?? I survived and at the end of the first 7 weeks I had improved in all aspects of the fitness test, and I have continued to improve in all levels of fitness since then. Shannon and Cheryl have been very supportive and encouraging and I can do things now I never dreamt of doing when I first signed up.

In May that year Jess said, Mum let’s do the run camp. I thought why not. Jess was doing the 5km, I would do that with her (would I ever learn??). Jess let it slip to Cheryl that I could already run 5kms. Cheryl suggested I do 10kms. Really??? I was the person who only ever ran if I was being chased! I was impressed that I could run 5kms, never dreaming I could run more. With Cheryl’s support and encouragement, I completed the 10km run.

Later that same year Jess and I went to Bali for the Fitness Retreat. What an experience! Great food, exercise, company, activities and seminars. I came away with lots of new ideas and realising that exercise was only a small part of an overall healthy lifestyle which was my goal. It was at the run club that I met Mark Hore and heard his story. He was running 3 half marathons that year and I was very impressed. I then discovered that he was only 12months older than me and 12months ahead of me in his running training. Maybe, just maybe I could do a half marathon too. I approached Cheryl about training and she agreed to train me to complete my half marathon. With Cheryl’s great support and encouragement I have completed 2 half marathons this year and have one more to complete meet my goal of 3 half marathons in 2015! I am blown away by how far my fitness has come in 18mths. Not only with running but also with my strength and abilities at Bootcamp.

Jess and I also went to Hawaii for another brilliant Fitness Retreat. I have just completed the Nutrition Program. I have always eaten fairly healthily but I felt there was information missing and the nutrition program was the last piece in the puzzle of my fitness journey. The nutrition program has provided me with all the information that I need to eat well for my future and I recommend it to everyone. My goal in Bootcamp, running and life is to be able remain healthy and fit as I grow older so I can continue to do what I want as I get older. I have seen many people grow old before their time due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and I am determined that that won’t happen to me.

I am a very different person now compared to the person who started Bootcamp nearly 2 years ago. Lonedog Bootcamp is very supportive of everyone and Shannon and Cheryl tailor a program that suits everyone, regardless of age, ability, injury. With the support of Shannon and Cheryl and Lonedog Bootcamp, my future is much healthier and brighter. I would recommend Bootcamp to everyone. Don’t wait until you lose that few extra kgs or get a bit fitter, that’s what happens once you start Bootcamp. Another important part of Bootcamp is that the other participants are incredibly supportive of everyone. Shannon and Cheryl promote a culture of acceptance and encouragement. What about the future??  2 Bays Run next year – 28kms, Kokoda Trek and Mont Blanc Trek in Europe to start. I have also heard that there is a Great Wall of China Half Marathon………. Back to training.

 *****(Editor's note: Sharon completed the Sydney Half Marathon in Sept/15 thus conquering her 3 in 2015!!!!!)


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Left to Right Mount Beauty half marathon, Gold Coast Half Marathon & Sydney Half Marathon