Sam McDonald Testimonial


The Journey of Sammy Mac

My journey at Lonedog began when I lost a bet to a very good friend of mine who was doing some personal rehabilitation training with Shannon, back in 2013. I had gone off the rails a bit after a long cricket season that had taken its toll on my body. So after losing a game of HORSE, I had to attend a Saturday morning ‘Sweatfest’ at the shed.

I had always been apprehensive of the bootcamp style of training because I had heard horror stories of uncompromising trainers who expected you to be as fit as Rich Froning and not showing any concern for person’s physical compilation.

This idea was blown out of the water at that first ‘Sweatfest’. As soon as I rocked up and met Shannon and Cheryl, they began to ask questions and get an understanding of me as a person. They allowed me to settle into physical activity after a reasonable lay off, while still allowing me to get the best out of myself. Suffice to say, I went a little too hard early on and spent the next week walking around like a T-Rex thanks to a set of ‘sevens’ on the TRX straps.

However, this ignited a fire in the belly and I signed up after the next sweatfest to do a two day a week bootcamp. This was perfect for me to settle in to a proper routine of fitness, while having a good old fashioned laugh with a great bunch of ladies (yep, I was the only bloke in the group).

After seeing a huge improvement from the first fitness test to the last of that camp I decided to take on the three day a week bootcamp and have been doing that ever since. Doing the three day a week was perfect for me as I began to make a comeback to competitive basketball, and whilst had learnt a lot about movement and injury prevention, I found that for all the work I was putting in, I wasn’t getting the desired results.

This prompted me to start one on one sessions with Shannon, where we picked apart my diet and eating habits and I learnt a whole new way of life. At the beginning of 2014 I weighed in at an unhealthy 108kg. I thought I was active enough to get away with a horrible diet, but through learning about proper nutrition, adding in some running with Cheryl and the #runlikearabbit run club, I was able to round out the year at a stable 91kg and have since been able to hover between 91kg and 94kgs while getting strong each camp.

Thanks to Shannon, Cheryl and all my fellow fun loving, hard working and I would say just a crazy Lonedoggers I have made some great friends and never had a day where I haven’t wanted to turn up, even to some 6am sessions! Also, thanks to everyone for putting up with my hyperactivity and the constant dribble I talk…See you all at the Shed!!!

Sammy Mac aka The King!