Nathan Howell Testimonial

I had been a gym junkie before. Lifting weights and protien shakes with all the additives but didn't understand why or what I was taking them for.

People raved about the great results but my efforts seemed to dwindle and fade out. 


One day I was not feeling well and went to my G.P. That's when stuff got real.


I had a cold but felt good otherwise.

Blood pressure was checked and was high 145/90. (I want 120/80)

Blood tests were done, results came back with some high results (ast 276, alt 217).

This was a bit unsettling as my doctor said I needed to get my blood test redone in 6 months time to check the levels.


In the meantime, while attending bootcamp I was checking and keeping an eye on my blood pressure.

Now, I was unaware it was too high but I remember one day at bootcamp Shannon actually tested the machine on himself to make sure it wasn't faulty. This was when it hit home, my results were 176/96.


It was around this time that the Lonedog Nutrition Group was about to start I turned to my wife and family to help do something about this.

The main thing that stuck in my head was the doctor suggesting my health leading to other problems (diabetes, cancer, etc.)

As the first weeks of the Nutrition Group went on, my ways of thinking about my lifestyle were changing for the good.

My weight was dropping.

My blood pressure was dropping.

My measurements were declining. 

My goal was getting closer.

Life was looking up.


6 months passed and it was time to recheck the blood tests.

I was hoping for the best.

My body was feeling fantastic.

This lifestyle change could be the key.

I was nervous as hell making the phone call to find out my results. All was better than expected. My ast and alt were around the 20 mark which was normal and hearing the words "no furthur action required" made my day and all the hard work worth it.


So much has changed with my lifestyle now it is not funny, I actually thought that it wasn't that bad.

I have not quite hit my long term goal just yet but have had a very good outcome from this new lifestyle.

My initial changes were very small on the outside but the inside was amazing.


Words cannot describe how much i would like to thank Shannon and Cheryl. They gave me my life back.


Thank You.


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