Janelle Pigdon Testimonial

Gold Coast


A fun run!


That’s where it all began for me.

I started Lonedog bootcamp on their very first day, with a goal in mind of completing the Nail Can Hill Fun Run that year. I’ve always enjoyed playing sport but never attempted to run. My first so-called run ended after a block and I needed a bottle of water desperately. Wasn’t I in for a treat! After some guidance from Shannon and Cheryl I began to gain strength, I increased my cardio and lost that annoying voice inside my head that constantly drove me to quit. I learnt how to maximise results through strengthening my body and mind with movements and activities I didn’t know existed.
Over time I’ve lost a little from booty, toned my arms, became more confident and I've gone from the pink kettle bell (8kg) to the blue (20kg) for some sessions and have enjoyed lots of fun with so many people!

I completed the Nail Can Hill Fun Run with Cheryl that year and just kept on running. I continued to complete a 15km run in Melbourne a few months later. Then came numerous 10km “fun runs” before I gained the confidence to move the goal posts and push myself to complete half marathons and in 2013 I completed three full marathons in some amazing and beautiful places including Canberra, Gold Coast and finally Athens in Greece...... The home of the marathon.

During my time at Lonedog, not only have I increased my fitness, but I have gained knowledge about the importance of nutrition, sleep patterns and my ability to set goals, commit and dedicate myself to achieving them.

Shannon and Cheryl create a great atmosphere to develop at your own pace. We (at bootcamp) are continuously seeing new equipment creep into the shed, hear updates on the ever changing health industry and better yet, get to follow them on their personal goal as these guys lead by example.
If you are looking for a supportive, dedicated and encouraging experience, I suggest you join the team and become a Lonedogger!


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