Kathy Millynn Testimonial

I worked with Cheryl between 2007-2014 in an office environment (until she moved on to bigger and better things). It was during this period that the PT and Bootcamps started happening.

I started doing sessions at Cheryl's house in their backyard shed. As their clientele grew, so did the sessions. Majority of it being outdoors (Alexandra Park, Dean St Bridge, Monument Hill (don't miss that one) and the occasional indoor session at the shed we currently use.
With the correct training and support from Cheryl and Shannon I completed my first (and only) half marathon in Canberra in 2013 (2hrs 5min).

I found I've become a little bit addicted to BC and rock up 5 mornings a week now.  

I would have to say the best thing by far to date has been taking part in the current nutrition program which I highly recommend to everyone. I have been able to drop 10kgs (through no calorie counting or weighing food) but by taking in the expert knowledge Shannon has shared with us bit by bit, week by week. I wish I could take back every dollar I've wasted on diets and shakes and frozen meals.

At the end of the day, the ball is still in your court.  Only you can be accountable for the choices you make. I choose health and fitness for life (with the occasional chocolate and alcoholic beverage )