Anthea Pickett Testimonial

My Lonedog adventures started 4 years ago, when a couple of friends and I decided our fitness regimes needed a change.  I was a little hesitant at first as I had never been one for group fitness classes, I much preferred to go to the gym and do my own thing.  However, we had seen the Lonedog camps in action and liked the sound of them, so we all signed up.  We actually spent that first camp counting down the sessions until it was finished.  Never did I think I would still be attending bootcamp three times a week, 4 years later and participated in some of the things that I have.

Over the 1st few camps I lost weight.  My overall fitness improved and I started to really enjoy the sessions.  I even had stopped counting down how many sessions until I had a week off!!

From the fitness I gained through attending bootcamp, and with encouragement from Cheryl and Shannon, I signed up for Tough Mudder in 2012.  From this I got a taste for running and since have participated in half marathons, full marathons and ultras.  Definitely the pinnacle was completing the Marathon Des Sables this year, a 250km self sufficient ultra marathon across the Sahara desert.

I have never felt stagnant in the progress I have been making.  Cheryl and Shannon have continued to change the sessions, encouraged me to increase weights when appropriate and the latest change in training style to be based on heart rate.

Due to Cheryl and Shannon, bootcamp and running has become part of my everyday life that I hope I can continue for years to come!

Anthea MDS BW Anthea