Kristin Westman Testimonial

My first involvement with Lonedog was in the winter of 2012, back in the day when a lot of the boot camps were held outside rain, hail or shine.  Prior to boot camp my workout routine included going to the gym and taking part in PT sessions twice a week.  That routine had never involved participating in a group fitness environment before and the thought of training alongside other people was intimidating.   There was no need to have been worried.  The atmosphere that Cheryl and Shannon create immediately makes you feel comfortable.  They are sure to cater to your individual needs, alter exercises as required and push you to what you are capable of and then beyond! The group environment is also a great motivation as you are all in it together.

Needless to say my fitness and strength have undergone dramatic improvements since beginning the boot camp sessions.  Push ups are no longer a problem, can do them unassisted! Shannon and Cheryl go beyond their call of duty, even checking up on me whilst on overseas business trips to keep me on track. Because of boot camp my participation in fitness events have increased substantially: fun runs, obstacle courses, half marathon, marathons and ultras!  Previously participation in such events wouldn't have crossed the mind and undoubtedly my friends and family would have never pictured me doing them either.  Not only has the progress surprised myself but it has also motivated other friends and family members to begin their own fitness journey after seeing my achievements. Crazy!

The most noticeable transformation in the journey through boot camp is my mind set. There is now present a strong sense of self belief in that anything can be achieved.  It has had such a positive influence on my life – fitness related and non-fitness related. You realise you have choices that affect your everyday routine. This realisation has been the empowerment that has allowed the formation of a lifestyle based on what is best for me. All this has come about through the helpful guidance of Cheryl and Shannon.

It’s been amazing to watch and more importantly share the experience of Lonedog's growth, the expansion of their brand, team, goals and achievements. Really can’t wait for what Lonedog has in store for me next! #winning

Westman Testimonial


 Above: Kristin in Morocco after just completing the 250km Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara Desert