Robyn Sanderson Testimonial

 My Lonedog Story..


The Christmas break from work and who would have thought that I would be following my running plan, exercising and keeping a good eye on my nutrition and hydration!


That's the change in me with the fantastic influence and support I continue to receive from Cheryl and Shannon at Lonedog.


In July 2014 my friend Bec McMahon talked about her fitness experience and recommended Lonedog Bootcamp. Being very unfit, overweight and spending long hours sitting at my desk, I felt this could be for me. I met with Cheryl and Shannon to talked about joining and I signed up for my first Bootcamp starting August 2014.


Thinking back to my first Bootcamp, I recall almost every muscle in my body reacting to new movement or the lack of over many years! It was a good type of soreness, with each session I was learning more exercises and I felt my fitness and flexibility was gradually improving.


The support from fellow Bootcampers is amazing, Lonedog foster an environment where welcoming and sharing experiences creates mate-ship amongst all who attend.  This is attributed to the way Cheryl and Shannon take a genuine interest in everyone, regardless of fitness level. As a new comer at the time and being very unfit initially I was apprehensive about group training, however I immediately felt the support from the group.


Cheryl and Shannon constantly encourage and show interest in my progress as I continue with Bootcamp and more.

As my fitness increased I then talked with Cheryl about joining the Lonedog Run Club. Never before had I thought I could run 5kms. Once again with Cheryl's guidance and encouragement I joined the Run Club in May 2015 and am now running 5km's and looking to build on this.  Attending Run Club I have gradually built up my running fitness. Joining in with a group of Lonedoggers who all enjoy running, we have learnt how to improve our running skills or increase our distance. The achievements of the group are astounding – all thanks to the planning and individual attention we receive from Cheryl.


Adding to my fitness I then joined the Nutrition Program, this program is excellent.  Thinking I was reasonably good with eating healthy food, through the Nutrition Program I have learnt how to eat healthier, plan better for meals and set goals. The model of compliance and self discipline, along with weekly 'check-ins' make the program easy to follow and the results were fantastic for all in the group.  Cheryl and Shannon supported the group by teaching us to set goals that were achievable and realistic, along with the encouragement and the support to success.


Since commencing Bootcamp 16 months ago I have reduced my weight by more that 20kg (10kg alone during Nutrition Program). I can run 5km and I am looking to increase my distance, I feel great and have had to renew my wardrobe with clothes that fit!

I still have a few goals set for 2016, to lose a few more kilos, to run a further distance and to continue with the healthy and nutritional learning's that have become my daily lifestyle


Cheryl and Shannon provide endless support and guidance, without their assistance I would not be where I am today with my fitness and well being.  I highly recommend Lonedog Bootcamp to anyone regardless of fitness level or age – the results can be amazing!


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