***2020 Nutrition Program (Refresher)




Lonedog Nutrition
If you have ever struggled with eating plans or undertaken diets that have failed you. This is for you!
It is ideal for anybody who has ever wanted what they eat to influence the way they feel, look and perform.
The Lonedog Nutrition program teaches you how eat right for you, for the rest of your life.
This is a Personailsed Nutrition Education program. We will take your current eating and lifestyle plan and help you structure it so that it works towards acheiving whatever goals you have set yourself.
This program is designed to help people lose bodyfat, increase muscle, feel better, improve their health, have more energy and be satisfied with the food in their lives.
The program takes place in private 1 on 1 sessions where the sole focus is on your individual plan.
The length of the program is tailored to your specific goals.
You can start right NOW! 
Our Group sessions start on the 16th January 2020. 6:30pm at Lonedog.
Lonedog incorporated this Nutritional Program as a result of customer demand. For the longest time our faithful clients would be enjoying the benfits of our exercise and movement programs but the missing peice of their success was their nutrition.
We did not rush this project nor did we take this responsibilty lightly. While investigating the best option for our clients, we conferred with the leaders of the Industry in Australia and across the globe. The response was unaminous and we undertook the Precision Nutrition Certification and Qualification. This now allows us to help people within the biggest scope accessible to us. We also have a network that extends into the local Allied Health Industries that allows us to refer on individuals with specific health considerations. We are here to help guide people in the best direction for them.